At EXPERT BENEFIT AUCTIONEERS, LLC, we recognize the true significance of your charity benefit fundraising event. The money raised for our clients is helping to make a difference in people’s lives and can perhaps change the world one small step at a time. We are raising money for our clients on critical issues such as providing education to those in need, obtaining care for sick children, commissioning theater programs to bring smiles to the community, allowing the sightless and hearing impaired to live full lives, supporting museums to preserve our history and create a path to our future, and funding art initiatives that embrace creativity. We are proud to have helped raise over $300 million dollars for philanthropy at benefit events and we know that every dollar raised while working for your charity will significantly impact the ability to achieve your mission critical goals.


Expert Benefit Auctioneers, LLC, was founded by professional charity benefit and World Champion Auctioneer, Wayne Wheat to be “client mission centric” focused with integrity at the forefront of all that we do. We promise to approach each assignment with creativity and a deep understanding of your needs and mission, in order to develop programs that will meet your objectives for the highest financial return to your charity.


We pledge to approach each benefit fundraising event with energy, appropriate humor and enthusiasm, which we in turn will generate within your organization and most importantly for your guests so that they donate more money and feel good about their participation. It is also our goal that we build on your event every year so that your audience looks forward to the next one!

“From the starting of your consulting services until the post auction meeting, your team was spectacular. We are so glad we chose your group to help us exceed our expectations.”


-Sign Association Group, Texas