Benefit Auctioneer in Houston, TX


EXPERT BENEFIT AUCTIONEERS are not just auctioneers fast talking on a microphone. We provide a professional, sophisticated, energetic and humorous presentations in our live auctions. We create a fun and giving atmosphere. We also provide decades of experience to help you achieve your goals and to avoid costly mistakes. We are unique in our ability to customize our services to fit well with your event. We dress to fit the theme of your auction and banquet. Your guest will not experience high-pressure sales pitches but will be encouraged in a fun way to contribute to your important cause. Your guest will enjoy the live auction experience and will look forward to participating year after year. We are also experts in the paddle raise for a cause. Expert Benefit Auctioneers works with non-profits of all sizes to significantly increase the amount of money that can be raised for your next charity benefit auction event. EXPERT BENEFIT AUCTIONEERS provides UNLIMITED consultation services in addition to conducting world-class Auction Services. Whether you are selling auction items worth $1000 or over $100,000 per package, EXPERT BENEFIT AUCTIONEERS, and World Champion Auctioneers, Wayne Wheat and Leb Kemp will maximize your financial return. Review the testimonials and see that Wayne Wheat and Leb Kemp are unlike any other auctioneers in the country. In fact, FOX TV’s “The Factor” hosts says that the Benefit Auctioneers Wayne and Leb are “artistic and rhythmic” and “raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few minutes”. Famous comedian Wayne Brady says, “I’ve been to a lot of these kinds of events, and you sir are very very talented and know how to work a microphone!” TV personality Jennie Mae of the Real says, “you guys were simply amazing!”. Entrepreneur and international sensation Tyra Banks says, “I’ve never seen anything like that and you guys have some great moves”.

Wayne Wheat is the only auctioneer in the State of Texas that is both an All-Around World Champion and International Champion Auctioneer!


To see these comments on video just look here: videos

For over 30 years, BENEFIT AUCTIONEER EXPERTS and its Founder Wayne Wheat, have been a leader in the fundraising benefit auction business. Benefit Auctioneer Experts sole focus is to provide the finest benefit auctioneer and consulting services throughout the United States. We have raised over $300 million dollars in our live auction events. CONTACT US HERE

Our benefit auctioneer on stage in Houston, TX

“That was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen!”

Tyra Banks. International Celebrity

Wayne Wheat and 50 CENT

“You rocked the house. Thank you for making this event so successful.”
50 CENT. Actor and Singer

“You are an international leader in your profession and you have made Texans proud”
George W. Bush President of the United States


“As a benefit auctioneer and entertainer you absolutely blew us away. Our goal for the live auction was $75,000 and you helped us break $100,000! The most important thing that your team did though, was to make our audience feel good about participating and giving. We’ve tried several other auctioneers over the years, and this was by far our best experience. Thank you!!

Dr. Kelley. Houston Area Private School

Altus 93

“Auctioneers Wayne Wheat and Leb Kemp were exciting, energetic and FUNNY! Especially with their professional bidder assistant Dana Dennen. This was a roaring success and it’s all thanks to your advice on how to match the right live auction items with our audience. And, the sales presentations and live auction professionalism was second to none. Thank you for helping us break our goal of $250,000 for the night!”

Jan Gleason. Dallas Prep

Leb Kemp and Team

“I hired Wayne Wheat and his team and we broke every benefit auction record from the past 25 years! Thank you Leb Kemp and Wayne Wheat!”

Leslie Odom. Austin Texas Private School Gala Chair

DJ Dana and Looney Leb

“Leb Kemp was a riot! The crowd loved him. Thank you Leb and Dana!”

Founder and Gala Chair. OctoberFest Benefit Houston Texas

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