According to the National Auctioneers Association gross revenues taken in by benefit auctions is at an all time high, exceeding $20.5 billion dollars on a yearly basis. Is your organization benefiting from this important funding opportunity? Are your guests happy to open their wallets and give deeply to your organization? Does your audience look forward to making a strong donation to your charity during your annual benefit fundraising event? Can your non-profit benefit from raising more dollars that can be used to further your mission? Are you look for an entertainment experience to help you with your cause?


Charity benefit auctioneers Wayne Wheat, Leb Kemp and DJ Dana, EXPERT BENEFIT AUCTIONEERS, will help your non-profit achieve extraordinary financial returns at your next benefit fundraising auction. We understand how important every dollar raised is to your charity and we will implement our proven techniques to assist your non-profit in achieving or exceeding your fundraising goals. With over 30 years of fundraising benefit auctioneer experience our organization will benefit your charity in raising more money during your special event. We are dedicated to the auction method of fundraising through our humorous presentations and clarity as clear auctioneers. We have created the predominant charity benefit auction fundraising company to meet all of your needs and work hard to help you stay within your budget. We work small venues of several hundred people and large venues of up to 15,000 people. One size does not fit all.


Please call us so we can learn about your unique fundraising needs and discuss how Expert Benefit Auctioneer, LLC can help your group capture part of this $20 billion dollar market for your non-profit.

“You took a room full of 3000 people and turned it into a sports arena. All of our guests were engaged and excited by the live auction, which helped raise over $1,600,000 in only one hour! What an incredible feat.”

-Free Health Care Advocates.